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Beauville Arts in China

Beauville Arts have already put on three hugely successful shows in southern China. In 2012 they are planning to head up to Qinghai province to help students
in this poor mountain region.

Watch the videos here:


The team comprises of Jonathan & Claire Mallalieu, Charles Knights and Sarah Guillermin from Beauville Arts plus helpers/translators from China Care Fund, a Hong Kong based charity. Together the aim is to put on musical theatre shows, with Chinese students, in English! Working with a cast of more than 100 students at Senior High School level, the show is devised and rehearsed in 4 to 5 days and then performed to audiences of around 4000.

The project has at it's heart a wish to expose Chinese youth to Western culture and teaching techniques, working on a challenging project, which allows the students to express themselves artistically, whilst working and performing in English. The students come from rural villages in China and for many this is their first contact with Westerners.

We would be interested in hearing from anyone, students, parents and teachers, who might be interested in getting involved.

For more information on China Care Fund visit.


For further information on this project please email Claire on:



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Student letters...

"I was worried I could not communicate with our foreigner friends. Once we met, I realised that my worries were unnecessary. They were so friendly an humourous."

"When the performance ended, we just danced to the music and were crazily happy"

"When we first met, I was fascinated by your openness and passion which filled me with joy and excitement. I recognised that this was a rare opportunity for me"

"It was only five days, but we had so much to learn. In those few days, our hearts beat together for one common goal. It was a rare, wonderful experience for us"

"I shall shut the box and preserve these memories which will last forever"

"Now we go back to our normal lives, but their smiles have become bright spots in the beautiful landscpae of our memories, reminding us to be ourselves, brave, natural and self-confident"

"I felt a little uneasy before I attended the music camp. it was the first time I interacted with foreigners and performed in English. Truly, it has been an invaluable experience for me."

"This taught me that there was nothing I could not do so long asI had real determination"

"I have benefitted not just musically or linguistically, but I acquired new values in life and learnt new ways of doing things"

"Although we came from different countries, and spoke different languages, this was the first time I was moved and overwhelmed by non-verbal interaction. Words may fail me, but so long as one is sincere, then one can communicate with body language, a look, a smile or applause. So even though I could not talk to them, I believe they could feel the sincerity in each movement I made, each note that I sang each line that I drew and each colour that I painted."

"The music camp gave us a different stage to perform on. What we learnt from that experience became part of our life's treasures."

"When I threw myself into the performance and I let myself go in performing all range of emotions, I truly experienced what "performance" really meant. We have to give our best in our performance, isn't this also true in life?"

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