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Media Music Scores provides a complete music service for television, film, animation, computer games, video, internet and any other media project. We also produce orchestral scores, manuscript arrangements and educational music .


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Jonathan Mallalieu

Jonathan Mallalieu studied music at Oxford University, where he won a domus scholarship. He worked as a freelance musician before following post-graduate studies at London University and later St. Andrew's University. He has gained a notable reputation as a composer, performer and music educationalist, working in and travelling to many parts of the world. Jonathan has composed TV theme tunes, music for television and cinema commercials, documentaries, video and short film, in the UK, Europe and the US. He has written many songs, piano pieces, orchestral works, educational music and a musical. He is a well-respected musical director, who has also been heavily involved theatrical and musical productions. When not composing, Jonathan runs a Performing Arts Company in South West France, Beauville Arts SARL.


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